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70s Guy

Halo Collar


Indulge Your Feelings

SmartMouth Birthday/Cinnamon

Naughty & Rice

Equations campaign

Regis SmartStyle




Wagner Spraytech

Beach Ball


M is For All of Us campaign

M Health

Any Reason campaign



Lands' End


United Airlines

Chambers Video Art Piece

The Chambers Hotel

Human Rights

University of Minnesota


Best Buy

The Wise with Money Journey


Assembly Line



Country Inn & Suites

Fluid Data video


Sea Orchestra

United Airlines

Boring Bill

Rosetta Stone


Del Webb

Innovating For Life


A Smarter Way to Paint

Wagner Spraytech

Science Fair


Because of You


First Class

United Airlines

About me

I am an integrated content/executive producer for advertising. More

I bring with me 25+ years' agency production experience: live action, animation and more for commercials, digital / social media, experiential and more. I am platform agnostic. If it moves or makes a sound (or both, or either) I produce it. My client list includes Target, United Airlines, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, IKEA and many more. My agency experience includes extended tenures at Carmichael Lynch, where I served as head of Broadcast Production, Executive Producer and Partner; and Barrie D'Rozario DiLorenzo – now Rise and Shine and Partners – as Director of Integrated Production. I have produced for other agencies, too, including Colle McVoy, Best Buy, and Peterson Milla Hooks. My work has been featured in The AICP Show: The Art and Technique of the American Commercial and The AICP Next Awards and has been variously awarded Clios, AdFed Best of Show, and a Cannes Gold Lion – for the Chambers Hotel Video Art Piece. My own films and photography have featured in local galleries, news sites and publications including the Walker Art Center, Mpls Photo Center, Twin Cities Daily Planet, The Saint Paul Almanac, Indian Country Today and others. I am a native of Minneapolis, resident of St. Paul and graduate of the University of Minnesota.

Creative Integrated Content Production

An idea – for an advertisement, or a campaign or any creative endeavor – is at its best at the moment of conception.

From then on, in bringing the idea or concept to life, It's a slippery slope to protect it from becoming diluted, distorted or otherwise diminished.

Or, at least, that was the opinion of the first ECD I worked for. Larger than life, didn't suffer fools gladly, and very funny, he brought to mind Ernest Hemingway.

I quickly learned to see my job, then, as joint custodian of the idea: Protect the creative. Live up to its promise. Deliver on its premise.

Every concept sold for a campaign runs a gauntlet. From initial client approvals to delivered media weeks or months later, many people and a thousand individual decisions figure into whether the expression of the idea is true to the idea. Or, whether it loses something in translation. Or, worse, runs off the rails. It happens.

Yes, sure, the execution can enhance the concept. That's what we look for in creative collaborators – to bring something special to the table. But, it can't be at the expense of the idea.

Content production is a huge collaborative venture involving many stakeholders. My job is to listen first, then bring the right people and resources together, at the right time and the right place, always on time and always on budget. My job is to lay the foundations to succeed. To foresee potential problems and conflicts from the beginning and then steer around them wherever possible, and through the rest if necessary. And, to stand out of the way as much as possible.

I am a Creatives' producer. I am an account team's producer. I am a clients' producer. I am accountable to all and I let down no one.

Ask anyone I've worked with.

I'm good at this.